Samurai Rambler

Bio: Samurai means to serve. I believe that the best and strongest leaders are the ones willing to humbly serve others the most. I am a rambler, by every definition of the word. I can and will go on and on if you let me lol and I also like to take aimless walks in nature (another definition of rambler) enjoying and being inspired by creation and all it has to offer. I desire to bring optimism and hope wherever I go and if this blog sheds even the least bit of light into the smallest audiences lives, then I am happy. I desire to be a positive voice of hope that seeks to speak the truth in love with proper respectful perspective. I am quite certain that I will not always get this right but please know that my heart and intentions are of the purest motive and that together we can discover the absolute truth that usually lies somewhere in between the opposing perspectives of people. We can always learn from one another! I am passionate about learning and am a true scholar of sorts, always seeking to obtain more knowledge and live a life dedicated to learning and passing wisdom and knowledge onto others when the opportunity arises. The owl is said to signify wisdom and when in flight it represents a thirst for knowledge; hence it's impending presence on my page. Despite a life dedicated to being a true nerd and scholar, my writer voice is often quite silly. No doubt, you will read some of my posts and think..."wow, this girl is seriously a dork! I am totally OK with this! Actually, I revel in it. I love corny, knee-slapping, cheesy silliness. If you know anything about the personalities I am what they call a sanguine and they say that often we think we are funny but no one else does LOL. I have a very quirky & silly sense of humor; some will get it and some won't. That is ok! One of the greatest pleasures of the this life, though is to laugh and smile and do so often and wholeheartedly! You know, like an incredible Julia Roberts type of laugh...I love her. Oh, and just like that I can rabbit trail all over the place and be super random. So, try to keep up!:) I am a Jones you know, and they've been trying to keep up with us since the beginning of time from what I hear;) Enjoy! I never meet a stranger so please comment and let me hear your thoughts! Here's a list of some of my credentials for I know that the ears of some will never be inclined without them. However, I am personally of the opinion that the credentialist world we live in is super highly over rated. Clearly I value education and learning, however a life of self study and self education can be just as powerful if one is disciplined and diligent;): *Exercise Physiologist *Certified ACSM Health Fitness Instructor *Certified AFFA Personal Trainer *BS in Exercise Physiology *BS in Coaching Minor in Psychology

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