My Passion Got Buried Under a Pile of Laundry

A Pile? More like a mountain. It’s kinda like when people in the south say there are “mountains” in Alabama. “Um, no honey child, that is just a hill! (Yes, mom…I said honey child…maybe I’ve been converted to     a southerner after all😉) Parallel this with the mole hills in our life that we make in to mountains every day! It is totally a matter of perspective I tell ya!

 Can you relate? Life sure has a way of “piling” up on us! It is easy to get buried in the here and now responsibilities (always say responsibility with your best English accent btw😉) and allow the urgent to steal all of our valuable time and attention. When the urgent wins out over the important and successfully steals all of our time and energy, the passion is drained like an hour glass mocking you while you are trying desperately to come up with a solution: to buy more time, to use the time more efficiently, to somehow just cram it all in. Or….to give up. Too many people choose the latter. Two quotes that stand out so vividly in my mind are:

Most men (people) live lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them

~Henry David Thoreau


Many people die at the age of 25 and wait until 75 to be buried 

~Benjamin Franklin

I don’t love these quotes. I mean I think they are marvelous, genius quotes, showing the brilliant thinking of great minds. It’s more like a love/hate relationship with these quotes. I hate (I actually am opposed to using this strong word in most cases and in my house it is almost a curse word but sometimes it is warranted) I hate, I detest them (these two quotes) for the truth that they so blatantly state. I hate them for the fact that they represent the truthful state of the human race as a whole, that we have so succumbed to mediocrity and complacency. Why do we allow the small, insignificant little weeds of life and the leaning tower of responsibility (don’t forget to use the accent) to rob us of joy and passion? Who told us that we couldn’t be whatever we wanted to be when we grow up after the age of 25? And more profoundly…..why in the world do we believe them?  Well, DON’T. Just don’t. In most cases Nike has it all right and we should definitely “just do it” but sometimes life calls for the opposing strategy: “Just Don’t Do It!!” So, today and every day forward, choose: Just don’t let the little stuff steal your joy and don’t believe those lies that you can’t be anything you want to be. Because you can.

While I am typing this, my 5 year old adorable son walks in the room and I show him the laundry picture at the top of the post and tell him that’s me. He giggles and says “how did you get ‘tuck (we still have some issues with s’s) in there??” I say, “I don’t know sweetie but I am determined to find my way out”…..I’m bringing passion back!!! (to the beat of bringing sexy back of course….sing it with me now)

And you can too.

Let’s Do It


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