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Life is Like a Box of Puzzle Pieces

  A friend of mine is a really great soccer coach. He receives compliments about his great coaching skills from people all the time! With impressive humility, he consistently responds by attributing all of the credit to the players’ perseverance, skill, and determination! Whether he knows it or not, this is an extremely important quality of all truly great leaders and coaches.

“It is amazing how much can be accomplished when no one cares who gets the credit”

I’m actually not sure who gets the credit for that quote lol but I have heard it many times along the way and I love it because it has so much truth!

Recognition is one of the greatest motivators of human action. However, nothing can compare to the elation that is found in synergistic relationship in which pride is suppressed, humility shines, and momentum flourishes!

A common thread that runs through the human mind is the probing question: does who we are and what we do personally really matter? Does our perspective really count? In this search for affirmation and assurance we tend to shift our focus from
results as a whole, to comparison with others’ gifts & talents. If we are busy comparing, how then will we be sharpening our own? Or allowing iron to sharpen iron, as the Bible speaks of? As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.

I have heard it said that…..

There is no more noble occupation than to assist someone to succeed.
God desires to do so much through divine relationships and matching people’s gifts, temperaments and destiny together to form a common purpose to bring glory & honor to His kingdom on this earth.

~The root of all conflict is pride~
Imagine we are all like puzzle pieces. If you throw us all in the box and shake it up we become intertwined, our edges jagged, causing abrasion as opposed to edification. However, when we discover the right puzzle pieces that fit together it becomes a beautiful picture whose beauty influences its spectators.
Image result for images for puzzle pieces
The other day I was reading some of the stories on Pandora about the forming of different bands and their journey to becoming what the public eye knows them as. Reading between the lines, some of them were nothing short of miraculous!
Mercy Me has an incredible story of how circumstances moved the lead singer around until God formed all the connections necessary to make them what they are today. An amazing story and such an incredible platform of influence for God’s kingdom that they have been given due to their obedience and sensitivity to the prompting of God’s lead!
The Afters band was formed from four Starbucks employees who worked together!!! That one floored me. I would imagine that the average Starbucks probably doesn’t run more than four employees on a single shift yet these guys somehow developed a relationship that unified their gifts to bring glory to God and influence others. I don’t believe for a second that coincidence (if there is such a thing) landed all four of them at the same Starbucks.

As long as we allow the enemy to put jealousy and a critical spirit on the front lines of our interactions with others we will never truly see the God connections that we have been divinely appointed to have.

Insist upon yourself; be original -Ralph Waldo Emerson      Image result for images for puzzle pieces

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