Toughen Up!!

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A Book Review

When I looked up “Tough” in the dictionary one of the definitions I found was this:   “strong enough to withstand adverse conditions or rough or careless handling” Well, I don’t know about you but I have definitely had some adverse conditions in my life, as well as some rough or careless handling of my life and my feelings by people in my life. Many times by the people closest to me. That’s tough. I personally believe that being truly tough is finding the balance of having tough skin and a soft heart at the same time in order to navigate the battle field of life and the bullets that come what may, yet still love at the same time.

I have heard it said that relationship pain is the hardest pain to deal with and if you are breathing then you are dealing with adverse conditions periodically.

So, regardless of what particular situation each of us is dealing with currently the ability to toughen up to withstand, persevere, and strive for excellence in our life is essential and this book is a wonderful tool to put in your arsenal on that journey!

Who wouldn’t want to be inspired and motivated to do more in life and to learn success principles and tools to apply to move forward in any endeavor? If you do, then Toughen Up by Claude Hamilton is a must read for you! For mental toughness is a necessity for true success on any path.

To say this is a “good read”……or even a great read, would be cliche at best. For if you merely read the pages and skim the words of a book of this caliber; you have truly missed the specific intent. Rather, to give it the appropriate praise, it is a thought provoking journey through the lessons learned and reapplied of one very courageous man’s life, that invokes a desire to toughen up and be courageous. Written in an uncanny, conversational style that can be perceived as a heart to heart from a friend who cares enough to provide a mirror to your soul to hopefully awaken a desire to live the life you were designed for, passionately pursuing it with excellence and a focus on true priorities instead of merely existing to meet your obligations. Thank you Claude for blazing a trail that others can be proud to follow if they so dare to Toughen Up!

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